about us

Mehery is a young, one year old company, building solutions in the digital space.  

It’s been founded by a team of technocrats and technologists with cumulative experience of over a 100 years and with extensive experience in the digitization of enterprise systems, digital transformation journeys of large enterprises, and building to scale, social media management systems.

Mehery has been born of an idea to democratize customer engagements – informative, acquisitive, proactive, and reactive across all digital assets of an organization. We believe that getting the digitalization correct and providing the ability to mine it on a no-code, digital marketing driven non-event, will be the key to enterprise successes moving forward.

Our customers, are our partners, in mutual successes.

Our journey, together, has just begun.
The BOT Experts

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Intelligent Conversations

2 way intelligent conversations on popular social media platforms.

Converse and Convert

Enhance your customer acquisition journey with our intelligent social media messaging engine.

Our team

meet the minds shaping an industry



Network Partner, Colabrio Media


Co-Founder, Colabrio Media

Lalit Tanwar

CEO, Colabrio Media
Our Ability

Integrate Intelligence

We are capable of integrating intelligent robots for social media messaging platforms which directly helps the enterprises to converse and convert their leads.

Messaging API


Smart Conversations


Intelligent Conversations

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