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Customer Acquisition. The new dawn

Customer acquisition, digitally or otherwise, is an expensive operation. If you do not agree, stop right here, and don’t waste your time.

Let’s talk of digital advertising, here.

Organizations spend tons of time ideating the creatives, messaging, sub-text, target audience et al and then, at the point of time, when the prospect is ready to demonstrate interest, fall flat. Let me explain this.

Digital advertisements, all focus on getting the prospects attention and then getting him to click on the advert. What happens next is a disaster. They are taken to a form (unless you are on Facebook where they pre-fill the prospect’s details), which if, and when completed, falls into your void. Your agents will look at it when they are ready or when it comes up in their CRM queues. And guess what, the prospect has moved onto another task and your conversion rate has just dropped by another 50%.

All is not lost. Technology is moving and moving rapidly, to help you to enhance your conversion rates.

Social Media Messaging integrated with Digital Advertisements is the way forward.

We would like to present the future normal. We see a future where when a prospect clicks on a digital advert, it walks him through a defined workflow journey, picking up the incremental information required and information that can be disseminated by BOTS and then handing over the prospect to an agent, to conclude the commercial arrangements.

We at Mehery will be happy to work with you to create these customer acquisition journeys and helping you enhance your customer acquisition yields. View sample customer acquisition journeys on our website in the Customer Acquisition section, by clicking on any of the images there.

Contact us at to get us involved in your success.

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